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Rare recordings: Two professional divers encounter a seven-metre-long Anaconda in the clear waters of a Brazilian.

For the third Time in a row, Ray Woolley took the record as the oldest diver in the world. And he wants to continue, as long as it goes.

A literally huge Surprise experienced divers to Bali: 2.5 meters long, the moon was a fish, the you for two minutes.

A British nature photographer, filming manta rays feeding. Actually a beautiful scene, in this case, but further proof of.

Divers found off the Greek island of Andros on a rogue coral reef. In fact, it was countless.

The Mimic octopus has a special property, which is in the animal world is unique: He can have multiple animals in shape and color.

Huge and like something from another world: off the British coast divers have filmed a lung jellyfish .

Immigrant lionfish in the Caribbean to the plague. The natural enemies are missing. Researchers and divers bubbles now.

Divers encounter a curious sea creatures, in Hong Kong, a model is demonstrated, and a dense fog spreads in a.

Off the coast of Croatia divers encounter something that at first glance looks like a Tangknäuel. But it is none.

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A diver in front of the Russian Gamow-Peninsula had a memorable encounter. He was the victim of a – hopefully-loving.

To generate air rings belongs among divers for underwater fun, this animal is likely to be whether the sudden.

The English physician and Amateur researcher Ben Burville accompanied with his dives for years, seals and documented their.

Tons of fishing nets removed the organization “Healthy Seas” before Greece from the bottom of the sea. The was also a.

In inaccessible locations such as underwater caves the video, photogrammetry allows for new insights. Researchers were now able to show how.

The Canadians Egor Nesterenko get a deep breath, goes into the partially frozen lake and makes a hole in the.

Actually, the two men wanted to go in front of the California coast, in the normal diving. But you brought so many animals https://news-on.space/?p=222 soft.

A frigate on the High seas, a diver in the jaws of a whale and a small pink elephant. The best web videos of the past.

A diver was almost fish food – photographer Rainer Schimpf was just going to sharks off the coast of South Africa .

Who comes when diving, an octopus close to it, must reckon with resistance. The may look time so that the animal is his.