Superior Sets and Legendary Quality to
Take Your Game to the Next Level


Synrgenic is a new luxury brand for people wanting to improve their ping pong game.We provide the most legendary quality so that you don’t have to worry about your paddles breaking after a couple games. Made with professional-grade rubber, you can always keep your opponents on their toes with insane spin!

Whether you are a recreational player looking to get a couple more wins against your friends or a tournament player looking for high quality accessories and equipment, Synrgenic is for you. As of now, we are a small company, but we are rapidly growing to meet the needs of our customers.

To be successful in any table tennis match, you need the perfect combination of power, spin, and speed in every shot. Our paddles offer these to varying game styles.

With the VIP Family, you get the most exclusive discounts and offers to our top products. As we grow, we will be adding various other high quality products in tennis, basketball, football, and fitness.

If you join the VIP Family right now, you will receive a FREE ebook on the latest Ping Pong techniques and strategies. These techniques can help you take your game to the next level. With our first table tennis set launching very soon, we want to reward our first customers with a 30% discount code. Only the first 150 We will notify you when our product is launching and provide the discount code for you to use.

It is time to get hyped and ready for the future of performance

Superior Sets and Legendary Quality to take Your Game to the Next Level

The Future of Performance Is In Your Hands

If You Have Any Concerns, Feel Free To Reach Out To Our Customer
Support At customerexperience@synrgenic.com


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